Leisure Club Latest Spring Summer Fashion Designs Dress 2014

Leisure Club Latest Spring Summer Fashion Designs Dress 2014 (15)Leisure Club has unveiled its energetic, cheerful and vivacious spring summer Collection 2014 for men and women. The LC Collection named as ‘ new Spring Collection “.” Leisure Club is specifically designed these dresses ready-to-wear with the theme of cricket because the ICC T20 2014 World Cup competition began on16th March 2014 and people are very excited, especially our younger generations are lover of cricket.

Leisure Club latest spring summer fashion designs dress 2014 this collection is really superb. This collection was Leisure Club consists of t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shoes, tops, tights, pedal-pushers, etc. Many shirts cool designs it is very nice look and are men and attractive women. Hope that you will wear as this street of the casual outfits, have closer look at Leisure Club New Spring Summer Collection 2014.

Leisure Club is the mode family destination that offers the best of the East and West of dresses for children, adolescents and adults. Leisure Centre was founded in 1997 by Sefam group. Leisure Club launched has its colorful winter collection 2014 for children’s. Leisure Club launched both collection and each collection designed with plenty of elegant looks and styles. Leisure Club is now the largest brand of clothing in Pakistan for adults, teens (pre-teens) and children, offering 57 shops across the country.

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Springing its way to the vivacious season, here come LC Spring Collection!
So rush to your nearest outlet to get
Bowled; Stumped; Caught
For Leisure Club Spring Collection is on Strike!

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